McDonald-Green Select — Assessemnts Services for the Right Choice

Some resumes contain falsehoods.  At times, interviews can be subjective.  Candidate selection is difficult!   Getting the right people for your positions is imperative to your organization’s sustainability.  How do you make sure they are the right person?  Test them. 

McDonald-Green is excited about our new division, MG Select, which offers a wide variety of assessment services.  Pre-employment assessments can measure candidates’ abilities to communicate, solve problems, manage change, interact with customers and deal with stress.  Knowing this prior to the actual hire can save an organization volumes; in dollars, time, and aggravation. 

Wouldn’t it be great to know if your shortlist of candidates has the skills to meet the competencies required on the job?  Testing can provide a consistent, objective and litigiously sound measure for comparison and selection; it can streamline the hiring process and match candidates with job requirements.

The screening of applicants benefits employers and employees alike.  For applicants, the advantages of working for a company that requires screening is that efforts have been made to ensure that co-workers have the qualifications and credentials they say they have. For employers, pre-employment testing saves time and money wasted in recruiting, hiring and training the wrong candidates and eliminates potential difficulties in the work place.  Having a third party organization conduct these assessments gives employers arms length protection and non-subjective standardization.

MG Select consists of proven psychometric profiling and behavioural assessments including Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence (EQi), Prevue and Work Personality Index (WPi).  All are reliability and validity tested.  In addition, we have over 1000 technical and software tests to measure hard skills. 

Contact  to find out more.

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